Air Service Jack - 20 Ton

Model: Y432001

Workshop Air service jack

20 Tons. This heavy duty model is designed for servicing jobs in the truck industry.

This jack has an extension screw in addition to 3 saddles that can be placed on top of each other for added height.

Chrome main ram and aluminium air motor guarantee optimum lifetime.

Air filter, connected to hose, included.

Model Cap. Min h. Max h. Hydr. Stroke Ext. Screw Length Width G.W. N.W.
Y432001 20 t 185 373 108 80 580 320 51 47

Air/Manual Bottle Jacks on Cart - 20 Ton

Model: Y432003 Y433501

Air manual bottle jacks on cart

20 and 35 Tons.

These specifications are similar to Y432020.

These bottle jacks are fixed on a heavy duty cart which results in convenient transportation and easy reach of lifting point.

Due to the smart cart frame, these jacks can be stored vertically.

Model Cap. Min h. Max h. Hydr. Stroke Ext. Screw Length Width G.W. N.W.
Y432003 20 t 255 480 145 80 420 150 27 25,7
Y433501 35 t 280 424 144 0 484 208 46 45

Y432030 (N.W. 45 kg) 30 and 50 Ton

Winntec Air Service Jack

This 30/15T light weight compact telescopic jack comes with a handle that folds down.

Its first stage reaches 220mm & 30 Tons.

The second stage reaches 300mm & 15 Tons.

This jack comes with 3 extensions [10 mm, 70mm, 120mm]

It has a 2 piece extended handle and 2 adaptors are included.

The jack has a low entrance height of just 150mm.

Dead man’s control function offers ultimate safety.

Ideal for road service (trucks).