Y444100 - Collision Repair 10 Ton Capacity

Y444100 - Porta Power 10 ton Capacity

Data Sheet: 4 & 10 Ton Collision Repair Set - pdf

Extension tubes snap together in seconds and fit perfectly without any tolerance.

Chrome main rams guarantee optimum lifetime.

Includes popular hydraulic ram spreader.

Repairs dents and creases in tight places.

Attachments push, pull and lift.

Supplied with a hand pump, hose, hydraulic ram and solid blow case.

IM-HM5401 Hydraulic Ram Kit

Technical Information

2 Ton Ram

Stroke: 76mm
Min. HT: 139mm

10 Ton Ram

Stroke: 60mm
Min. HT: 118mm

10 Ton Ram

Stroke: 76mm
Min. HT: 139mm

10T (long)

Stroke: 150mm
Min.HT: 350mm


Stroke: 132mm
Min. HT: 276mm

2T(pull back ram)

Stroke: 128mm
Min.HT: 409mm

5T (pull back ram)

Stroke: 130mm
Min.HT: 483mm